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We've owned and put our own money on the line to invest in multi-families and properties.
Having gone through the process we know how to maximize the selling process to make it as stress free and lucrative

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Who we are and What we Do

We are commercial brokers here to help you sell that property that makes all those years of investing, worth it. Making sure you get the most money out of your property in the quickest way possible
We know you deserve to spend the rest of your life not having an investment eat up your time and money
So let us take this property off your hands and you can enjoy your retirement or move on to the next big thing you want to do with cash in your pocket
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Don't take it from us hear what our happy clients have to say

"Tim and his team helped me find, purchase, rehab and sell my first property. He was diligent in finding a property that was in my price range and readily available whenever I needed advice or an extra opinion during the rehab.

His hard work continued through the sale of the property which was only after 2 weeks of being on the market!! I could not be happier and can't wait to work with him again!"

- Steve K.

"Diesel Commercial is the best! Knowledgeable about the industry and what it takes to make the sale and the make sure to reassure their clients. I would recommend this brokerage to anyone wanting to sell.
Tim will hold your hand through the whole process, I never felt confused during the process . If you need a broker Tim Diesel and his team are the epitome of professional!"

- Ricki M.

We get you there with "The GPS Strategy"

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Priortising Goals

We need  an end goal or destination like a GPS to guide our efforts in the right direction.
 So we find out what your goal is , ie. seller for the most amount of cash, how fast are you looking to sell?, what type of buyer do you want? etc. 

Increasing Value

Then we course correct by dissecting your property making a proper assessment as to why this can or can’t be sold at the price and what we can do to get it to sell at a remarkable price.
Making sure your property has all the necessary things ready to get listed and marketed

Sell with No Risk

Finally , create a customized strategy to sell your property, list and market it for 91 days or less . Finding a buyer to take it off your hands and giving you money in return, "ding ding" you've arrived at your destination
If you're not satisfied for ANY reason, we part as friends. Taking on all the risk and it's up to us to sell

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