Best Office Tenants Commercial Property Investors Want

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Who are the best office tenants commercial property investors love to have lease spaces? And, which are the ones most commercial property owners would delight in avoiding? If you’re a prospective commercial property investor or already in the game and would like to know the answers to these two questions, simply read on to learn more. Here, we’ll list the best office tenants and the least desirable office tenants.

Office Tenants Commercial Property Investors should Avoid

Let’s begin with the bad apples, so-to-speak. First of all, any business which you can’t readily identify. In other words, a potential tenant who approaches, looking to rent out office space which isn’t clear about what his or her business does. Also, niche businesses (while certainly not always bad), can serve as a red flag. If it’s sounds too obscure to market to the public, then it might well be a risk worth avoiding. (After all, if there’s no readily apparent need, you’re taking part of someone else’s business risk.)

Business tenants generally treat properties different from residential tenants. A business owner who is renting property would generally fix small defects in the property so that he can carry on business and would not bother the landlord about such small problems. But additionally, most small business owners would generally carry out small improvements in the property that could boost the property value of your commercial property. —Groco CPAs

Of course, potential office tenants which are in an unsavory industry. If it creeps you out or goes against your morals or character, it’s just not worth it. Lastly, office tenants which are not candid and do not have a clear history. If someone won’t be upfront and honest about their previous locations, that’s a huge red flag to heed.

Best Office Tenants Commercial Property Investors Want

Now, which office tenants make the best ones? And, which are the top office tenants commercial property investors most want to lease to, especially for the long-term? Here are the most desirable office tenants commercial property investors should welcome:

  • Law offices. Generally, licensed attorneys will team up to share offices and pay rent. Because of their line of work, they have a vested interest in maintaining the property and keeping it presentable to the public, particularly their clients.
  • Medical facilities. A testing facility is a great organization. Because these services are always in-demand, these make for a wonderful tenant who will usually opt for a long-term lease and pay on-time.
  • Primary care offices. An opthamologist, audiologist, a pediatric, family, or other physician. All of these, just like the above, are ideal because they take good care of the space and are generally good tenants.
  • Professional services. Think of a CPA, an architect, financial planners and advisors. Here again, they are very concerned with appearance. So, they maintain the property and usually are excellent office space tenants.

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